Ferry Lights

From our wee cottage, we can see the comings and goings of the Calmac ferry, promising parcels and groceries and family and friends – or much anticipated trips to the metropolis that is Olde Oban Town.  As the nights draw in, it is comforting to see the twinkling ferry emerging from the headland, bobbing and weaving through darkening waters.


The cottage is cute but the wee room off the kitchen can be dark and gloomy, with thick stone walls and tiny windows.  I suppose when it was first used to house the local cow, the builder didn’t give a hoot whether or not she had a splendid view of Jura!

Fairy lights add much needed warmth and sparkle…and when the stove is lit, the space is transformed into a cosy nook.

IMG_2430 2
Fairy lights are not just for Christmas…



…and neither are baubles!



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