A Good Day All Round

It was a perfectly blissful, blowy and sunny Sunday today.

After all animals were fed and watered, I decided to make some bread – a rustic granary for me and a white for him.

I haven’t had much practise in bread making however, whilst the kitchen was tidy and bright in the morning sun, I felt compelled to bake.  Kneading dough to background music of Bach’s ‘Cello Suite No. 1’ followed by Nick Drake’s ‘Cello’ was pure pleasure!


I have a peculiar penchant for round things and watching the big doughy mound rise in the bowl was deeply satisfying.

Whilst the dough was proving, I decided to have a bit of a switch around of things in the kitchen and rediscovered the delights of more round things.




I also nipped out to the garden to steal a fading November rose that was hiding behind the willow.


…and then made some leek and potato soup to go with the bread.


Later, George and I went to Machrins…


…for a round of doggy golf…


…and to round off a perfect day,  I wrapped up warm and headed off to the bonfire down at the pier, to see a pumpkin meet his fate!




A good day all round!



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