So here I sit, rain lashing, wind howling and sea, grey as a sea-l.

Rain, hail or snow, this wee gem of an island has a magic about it that most experience and few can explain. Those of us who live here, blow-ins or not, feel the magnetic pull and simply could not leave if we tried.

I am originally from Northern Ireland which, as the crow flies, is not too far from here. Colonsay is north of Islay and south-west of Oban some two hours away on the ferry.  As a child, I often stood on the Antrim Coast wondering about the sugar cube cottages I could see far away in the distance (on a clear day).  There’s a look-out spot just outside Ballintoy, with a map of the islands one can see before them and Colonsay is certainly one of the best kept secrets of the Inner Hebrides!

Fast forward 30 years.

My name is Gillian Mackenzie.  I have been on Colonsay for six years now. Alongside human companions I live with a dog, two cats, Shetland pony and 17hh Irish Draught X.

I will be writing about my dreams of LIVING in this wild place and the process of making them a reality.  Dreams such has these; healing animals (and people if they’ll let me); horsing around; getting healthy; needle crafts, interior (and exterior) design, cooking, making music, art etc.

I will also attempt to fill in the gaps, to offer an insight into the reality of living on a remote island amongst wildlife, weather and weirdos! Gasp not – I include myself in the latter and quite frankly I think it is a compliment! Normal is too beige for me!